Ever feel like you’re not being taken seriously or given the respect you deserve?

Discover the Missing Link to Success,
Higher Income and a More Satisfying Career

If you aren’t getting the results you want in your current career, if you’re looking for answers and a clue to what may be holding you back, this could be the most important letter you ever read…


From the Desk of
Patty Buccellato, AICI, CIP
Image Coach

Dear Goal-Striving Friend,

You are not alone. In fact, I can personally relate. After a job gone wrong many years ago, I found myself living back at home with my parents as a young adult.  Not sure where to turn (and needing income quickly), I accepted a position as a secretary in my desired career industry. I knew I’d need to find a way to work my way up to the higher-responsibility position I desired .

I knew there had to be a way to dress for the job I actually wanted, instead of the one I had. I started taking steps to improve my confidence, and choosing outfits that matched those of management.

Quickly, both I and my bosses began viewing me as someone that could achieve success in the company. Yes, I demonstrated ambition and drive, but I also projected an image and a level of confidence that went along with higher responsibility. I found myself promoted several times, and consequently, led to my true path, that of an image coach.

Quite by Accident, I discovered a
Key to Peak Personal and Professional Satisfaction

I understand the pain and frustration that comes with not knowing where to turn to achieve success in your career. Would you like to know the secrets I discovered? The course to help you uncover the hidden roadblocks that you’re unwittingly allowing between you and the success you desire? Read on…

I’m thrilled to help you achieve your objectives (in life and career) through refining your personal appearance – your personal image — to authentically align with who you are right now, as well as who you aspire to be.

I’m excited to share my skills and knowledge to help you develop your personal style to attract the life you desire. I can’t wait to help you uncover the power and uniqueness inherent in you. Are you ready to learn what has been holding you back from achieving career success?

Do you feel like you are stuck in your career with no upward mobility? Are you unsure of what changes to make to ensure success? This is information you do not want to miss!

Who am I and why listen to me?

My name is Patty Buccellato and helping people change their lives by refining their image and identifying their personal brand is my passion. I’ve helped thousands of women and men find their own personal style, develop confidence, and uncover what has been keeping them from the personal success they dream of.

I am an internationally recognized Certified Image Professional with more than 18 years in the industry as a personal image consultant, and I’m the founder of Refined Images, an image management service for professional men and women. I’m also certified as a Professional Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), a designation earned by just a handful of consultants around the globe.

I use my knowledge and expertise every day to motivate men and women throughout North America to make changes in their career, image, or relationships to achieve their higher goals.

It’s time for you to be taken seriously!

I’m thrilled to share knowledge with you from my numerous years of experience as an image coach in a frank, intimate interview featured in the successful book, Stepping Stones to Success. Here’s what you will take away from just one chapter in a book chocked full of time-tested strategies from best-selling authors and speakers:

My featured chapter in Stepping Stones to Success reveals simple but hidden methods to ramp up your professional and personal success.

Use this knowledge to dress for the job you deserve; learn how body language and eye contact telegraphs who you are being for all to see! Read my chapter, and take that first step to changing your life once and for all! The success you desire is waiting!

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Do you want to learn why some people are promoted and some not? Are you frustrated with not being taken seriously in your workplace?

Does this sound like you:

  • Are you passed up for promotions time and again?
  • Are the people in your life disappointed in how you present yourself?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have a plan to achieve your success?
  • Are you tired of being negatively judged on your appearance?
  • Are you ready to increase your income, but don’t know how to begin?

Are you ready to learn what has been holding you back
from achieving success??

“Image isn’t everything…But it is what’s seen first. The human eye receives 10 million bits of information per second. Only 40 bits reach the brain at a conscious level. At this rate, we are speaking volumes before we even open our mouths!”

It’s time to learn how the image you project to others impacts your chances of success.

You are not alone.

Countless people feel lost and frustrated, not knowing how to overcome their own stumbling blocks to success.

Few people realize the impression that their clothes, body language and eye contact can make on their career, friendships or love life. Are you ready to advance your career and personal relationships by making a few very important changes?

It’s Not about Changing Me, It’s about Learning How to Enhance Myself


“I have always worked in the nonprofit arena, which has meant low pay, crazy hours and interesting work environments. Fashion, makeup, hair, polished looked – none of these words have ever been used to describe me. What I would love to do is to find a style that makes me feel polished and comfortable. A style that will help better define who I am and what I want out of life. When the CEO position at [my organization] opened, volunteers and several others really wanted me to apply for the position. I told a friend that I didn’t have the ‘look’ meaning – hair, wardrobe, etc. to be the CEO.”


“The experience of working with Patty was much more positive, practical, fun and engaging than I had expected. ‘Having you tie everything together – how color, shape, etc. impacts from head to toe – was so helpful. This weekend I had the opportunity to tell several people about the experience. As I told folks, I have noticed that I am more confident in myself, less self conscious, more relaxed around others and just generally more positive and ready to tackle things at both work and home.’ It was not about “changing me,” but about learning how to enhance myself, and how to add to what I have.”-B.M.


Are you ready to boost your self esteem, and achieve career success?

Experience your best life!

  • Learn how your personal image drives your success forward.
  • Understand how job competence is actually assessed in the blink of an eye!
  • Discover ways of dressing for success to get the job you want.
  • Learn how your body language speaks volumes for you.
  • Discover how merely changing your business professional attire can increase your income!
  • Learn how your eye contact helps others perceive you as trustworthy or NOT!
  • Increase your self esteem once and for all!

But Don’t Just Take My Word for It…

Is it possible that one chapter in one book can revitalize your life? Well maybe not, but it can start you on the road to a whole new beginning.

Can you have increased confidence, better job performance and higher success in your career? Absolutely!

Here’s what my clients say…

As a partner with one of the nation’s top accounting firms, I have an appreciation for the role that personal image plays in professional success. I have noticed a higher level of executive presence, style, and demeanor in these individual (staff members) – all things that contribute to their success and their professional representation of the firm to both clients and the business community.

Not only will I recommend your programs and coaching services to others in the future, but I have already passed your name along to a colleague!

– T. Wheeler, Partner
Deloitte & Touche, LLP

At the conclusion of my MBA program, I was preparing for a transition from academia towards a career in a science based, corporate leadership position. I needed to turn my field biologist wardrobe into something that was still comfortably ‘me’, but which would also help provide a look to back up my credentials. That’s when Patty came into the picture. She listened to my situation and immediately understood what needed to happen. Patty engineered a game plan to transform my ordinary, casual work image into one of strength and impact. Her attention to detail and pursuit of perfection in this regard was phenomenal. My wardrobe now has both the flexibility and professionalism to go from day-to-day operations in the laboratory, to meetings with professors and Deans and to boardrooms.
– Russell Hepburn, M.Sc. MBA
Environmental Genomics Facility
Windsor, Ontario
This was one of the best consultations I’ve had in my life. Thank you so much for all that I learned. As a professional it will help me to pick the right kind of clothes, as wife it will help me feel sexier, as a mother it will show my tenderness, and as a woman it will show a little bit of me.
— Claudia Vargas, President
V.I.P. Spanish Services
Patty is an expert in how to help clients project a professional image, refine their “look” and assess cut, design, color of clothing to project an image that reflects the person. She was very helpful in showing me how to adapt my current wardrobe, skilled at gently telling me how to enhance the impression I can leave with people, and resourceful in giving me ideas to work within the price range that I required.”
– Judy Muhn, Area Manager
United Way Southeastern Michigan
The wardrobe consultant services Patty provides are invaluable. It is powerful information you will utilize every morning when you open your closet and select your outfit. I now dress with intention, and my visual impression speaks to who I am personally and professionally. Patty is also a delight to work with. She has a real passion for what she does and this passion will help you project your perfect image!
– Kelly Miller
Ford Motor Company


Here’s How to Find Your New Direction



This book, Stepping Stones to Success, is your golden opportunity to profit from the knowledge of others. It will give you the facts you need to make important decisions about your future.

— David Wright, Publisher

Now you can get a primer on turning your life around with image, PLUS 21 additional inspirational, gripping and transformational chapters by some of the greatest minds in personal development today.

Along with my featured “Driving Success with a Goal Focused Image,” read the words of other leading authors as they offer their secrets to success. I am joined by best- selling authors Deepak Chopra ( The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield ( Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Dr. Denis Waitley ( featured in The Secret.)

  • Learn How to Find a Mentor and Believe in Your Dreams ( Jack Canfield)
  • Discover Your Inner Resources ( Deepak Chopra)
  • Develop A Disciplined Life  ( Dr. Denis Waitley)

And so much more!

In this book, you receive their well versed strategies for mastering business, life and relationships. Nowhere else will you find such a collaboration of wisdom and resources all focused on your success.

Purchase Stepping Stones to Success today, and have me, along with my colleagues, to guide you every step of the way to achieving your successful outcomes.

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Still wondering if the book is worth your time and money?

How much would it be worth to know what exactly has been holding you back? What would it be like to ask for that promotion and receive it? What would added self confidence and increased self esteem bring to your life? For those of you ready to make a change, the answer is priceless. Get ready to change your life with my expert advice in Stepping Stones to Success.

My private consultations can run up to $1650, but I wrote my feature in order to share this information with as many people as possible. I believe that each of us has the ability to create our own personal brand, and live our best life because of it. Get my wisdom, and the success driven writings of many others, for the price of just 19.97.  That’s it.

Say goodbye to the old you, and embrace the new you. For only 19.97 learn how to achieve your own personal success!

You’re constantly selling and forming impressions whether you’re conscious of it or not. Patty is a master at showing you how to put your best “look” forward and empower you to look great and feel great. She’s brilliant at creating your physical presentation to be congruent with your brand, your message and your personality. I highly recommend you snatch up her words of wisdom.
– Shawne Duperon, ShawneTV
Six-Time EMMY Winning producer and speaker
Patty viscerally understands that your image says more about you than what you say about yourself. Her clients are grateful that she makes sure their messages match at the highest level.
– Terry Bean
Author, Relationship Marketing Visionary, Chief Networking Officer, Speaker
Patty’s advice is spot-on for the professional who desires a succinct and targeted visual brand statement. Don’t miss the chance to supercharge your career, your job search, and your personal confidence.
– Ruth Klein
Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach
As a communication expert, I can attest to the power of nonverbal communication. In Patty’s chapter she relates the hot trend of “personal branding” with the solid research on the nonverbal messages we send about who we are. After reading this chapter there is no question why someone should pay attention to their image and what exactly they need to consider.
– Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.
Communication Consultant, Speaker & Coach
Our appearance and impressions send powerful or subtle messages to others; both positive and negative. Typically, professionals don’t always see themselves exactly as others do. But Patty’s expert eye precisely zeros in on how to update your image and style while branding the real you. Your personal brand speaks volumes.
– Donna Marie

Get the Book and the Guidance of 22 Success Experts
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You won’t risk a dime trying out Stepping Stones to Success. That’s my Better-than Risk-Free GUARANTEE to you.

I want you to be 100% thrilled with the information I’m providing so I’m throwing in a valuable bonus, absolutely free.

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Take action today and get this bonus gift !

As a professional or executive, you never know when you’ll be tapped by the media or interviewed as a representative of your company.

Look the part and be ready to play it!

Get “camera ready” with this special bonus gift, just for you!!

Bonus Gift: HDTV Camera Ready: How to Look Your Absolute Best on TV

No more shying away from camera interviews because of low self confidence, or being unsure of how you look on camera. In the HDTV Camera Ready audio, you gain the confidence to feel secure about yourself when interviewing on camera! Look and feel your best on TV.

Hear on-camera and media expert, Shawne Duperon, discuss on camera makeup do’s and don’ts with world renowned consultants on image and make-up, best on camera dress and jewelry strategies, and more!



Learn all of these:

  • Why your regular make-up application will never cut it for TV
  • The biggest flaw with HDTV and how you can use it to your advantage
  • The right jewelry for TV, and why most people get it wrong.
  • The final scoop on color: Can you wear white or black? What about red?
  • How your clothes impact and guide your TV make-up

The HDTV Camera Ready CD sells online for $57. Get it free today when you purchase Stepping Stones to Success! Feel secure while networking, presenting and interviewing- and learn get-ahead tools, once and for all!

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Be better, live better and become more fulfilled. Let your inner beauty shine through. I’m happy to be there with you, every step of the way. Here’s to a more confident, more successful you.



Patty Buccellato

P.S. “Take it from the image coach,” it’s not too late. You can take charge of your future today! Soon, you too will understand just what has been holding you back all this time.  Order Stepping Stones to Success and make the change! Make it now!

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