Leap Year Style

You Won’t Have this Chance Again for 4 Years

It’s leap year and that means (thanks to Julius Caesar), we gain an extra day this month – February 29, to be precise. Without this added day, we’d lose six hours from our calendar each year, and the world would cease revolving around the sun. (‘Made that last part up.)

To commemorate the upcoming special day, here’s a gallery of Vogue fashion models leaping through time (1992-2011) and space (magazine covers, ads, articles, and more). Check them all out here.

My personal favorite:

Leap Year: Models Leaping

This photographer’s not asking anything of his model that he’s not willing to do himself. “Jump”!

What will you do with your bonus day? Call an old friend? Read a good book? Treat yourself to a new look?

You won’t get this chance again until 2020, so make the most of it — Happy Leap Year!


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