Spring 2015 Color Trends

What to Wear this Spring:  Color!

Every fashion season has its favorite colors.  Sometimes they’re consistent with your own favorites, other times you may wish you could have a chat with the Fashion Color Czar to set things right.  This season, featured colors are bright and cheery, or subdued and understated.  In other words, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s guidance on incorporating a few of this season’s color themes into your spring style choices.


Spring fashion 2015 yellow

Sunny yellow; mellow yellow; canary; marigold; or amber.  You’ll find every variety of the hue this spring.  It’s a color to choose carefully if it’s in a top or jacket.  Whenever a color is close to your face, it’s best chosen in an undertone that matches your complexion, and yellow may test your color tolerance more than many hues.  (Read more about color’s impact on skin tone here.)  Since there are so many options this season, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a version that suits you.  If you prefer to play it safe, though, consider the color-pop strategy at the end of this post.

Cherry Red

spring 2015, cherry red

Via Spiga trench, Nordstrom.com

spring fashion 2015, cherry red

Adrianna Papell lace sheath dress, Nordstrom.com

This particular red has blue-based undertones, so it plays well with “cool” skin tones (more about personal color qualities).  You’ll see this color in both deep and light (rosier) finishes.  It mixes well with most any neutral, so it makes a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

spring 2015, cherry red

Givenchy bag, Barneys.com


spring fashion 2015 whiteNot just white, but all white is what makes the look fresh.  Wear it head-to-toe and layer on pieces in varying textures and shades.  Here’s another case where undertone matters.  If your skin has blue undertones, go ahead and wear a true, bright white up around your face.  If you’ve got yellow undertones in your skin, choose cream or ivory for an up-close-and-personal color choice.  You see it paired in the photo with blush, another of this season’s color trends.  (Tip:  when checking whites for personal color harmony, hold the color up to your face in front of a mirror and check your teeth.  Do they relate to the white, or does the version of white in the fabric cause your teeth to look dingy or yellow?)

Color Pop

spring fashion 2015: pop of color

For a “pop of color,” choose one or two (not all 3) accents against a neutral base.

Whether you’re looking for a way to wear a color that doesn’t necessarily flatter your skin tone, or you just want to infuse an outfit with the element of surprise, try a pop of color against an otherwise neutral outfit.  Here, turquoise wakes up a standard black-and-white combo.   This example illustrates three accessories that make for easy color-pop opportunities.  As you create your own outfit combinations, use just one or two striking color features for impact.


Have a comment? Question? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. I read them all. (You just might be the inspiration for my next blog post.)


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