Blush-Pink Fashion

What Makes YOU Blush?

This isn’t about embarrassment.  It’s not even about the blush you wear on your cheeks.  This is about spring’s hottest color trend.  It’s a variation on the “nude” trend of seasons past, with just a tinge of pink added to the hue.  This color has made it’s official move from runways and celebrities to your favorite boutique and department store, en masse.

Blush pink v. deep coral

In one color set (clue: right), the model needs no makeup color to lift her appearance. (The left-hand image, in the blush dress, requires a powerful lip color so the model’s face is not lost.)

Can it Work for You?

Sure it can.  It just depends where and how much.  It takes a particular skin tone to carry this hue to flattering effect when worn close to the face.  Here’s one way to tell if you have that skin tone:  If you held up a swatch of the color beside your face, could you see any resonance or harmony in the mirror?  Is there a relation to the natural blush that emerges from your cheeks, or the innate color of your lips?  If not, don’t worry.   Reason number one: many people don’t see these color relations until trained to.  (Take the color test to see if you’re one of them.)  And, reason number two: you don’t have to wear the color around your face to play in the color trend game.

Blush pink outfit idea

Blush outfit by Theory, Nordstrom

Say you’ve determined that your complexion lights up when surrounded by clear, bold colors, but you discover this outfit in head-to-toe blush that you just love.  Solution:  simply wear the trend with an element of surprise by adding a bib, or “statement,” necklace in your perfect pop of color.  By doing this, you’ve created some distance between your face and a not-necessarily-your-best color.

green accent to blush pink outfit

Kenneth Jay Lane statement necklace, Neiman Marcus

Outfit Styling

Other ways to inject your spring wardrobe with the blush trend?  An accessory piece like shoes or a bag are the perfect addition, especially when the trend color is as neutral as blush.

Wear them with a backdrop of an outfit in black, brown, coral, or navy.  Red?  Yep, that too. White?  Uh-huh.  Just about any solid color you can think of is a worthy companion.  (That’s why they call it a “neutral.”)

Blush shoes - blush handbag

Update current outfits with blush accessories. Stick to all neutrals in the outfit pieces if you’re hesitant about combining colors.

Blush pink shoe for spring

Snakeskin shoe in blush, Ann Taylor

Blush pink bag

Apt. 9 blush pink handbag, Kohls


A blush snakeskin shoe goes with nearly any outfit.  So does a handbag or bangle bracelet in blush pink.  Small pieces, like a scarf, mean a quick color update without breaking the bank.  You’re limited only by your creativity.


Have a comment? Question? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. I read them all. (You just might be the inspiration for my next blog post.)


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