Can you,… really? (Edition IV)

This blog entry’s look at’s list of Fall 2011 Most Wearable Trends brings us to another of the season’s spotlights on color.  This one, less about a specific hue, and more about a color characteristic.

Yigal Azrouel and DKNY do "Bright Pants"

When was the last time you wore a bright, yellow pant?  Hot pink, maybe?  Like many, your response may be an emphatic “never.”  Women have been told for decades that wearing black is slimming.  Perhaps it’s a fallacy.  If you’re a believer in the never-say-never school of thought, you may be considering this year as your exception.  The season’s features show a variety of trouser styles in cobalt, marigold, fuchsia, jade, and more.  Whether cropped, cargo, bootcut, or skinny, bold is the word in the fashion world this fall.  But, is it in your world?

The bold colors are a means to infuse freshness into a wardrobe and demonstrate your fashion savvy.  For some, they’ll flatter and add spark.  For others, they’ll be the worst wardrobe choice ever contemplated.  How do you know which group you fall in to?

Here are a few tips:

  • The best way to wear these brights is paired with other neutral or subtle hues, as  in the featured photo.  So if your legs are long and lean, or you don’t otherwise mind the added visual width that comes with a top-bottom color break, go for ’em!
  • If your legs are short, and you prefer the illusion of long and lean, these pants are not your flattering choice.  As an image coach, I urge petite clients to reap the benefits of a continuous column of color in upper- and lower-body garments for increased visual length.  Since head-to-toe Crayola orange may be a tad overwhelming, a more pleasing way to do bright just might be with a splash of color in a handbag or leather glove.
  • If your lower body is your “full-figured” zone, and you prefer to avoid added emphasis (your legs will not go unnoticed in bold color), forgo the bright pants and opt for darker hues.  Black isn’t necessary for slimming effect, dark is what causes space to recede visually.  Brown, navy, and charcoal also come in “dark.”

The colors are stunning, and the look has fashion value, but not all fashion is made for every body.  Make your own choice for a look you can feel great about!

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