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… But it looks so… *Wrong*

Not every trend is for every body Shopping for clothes can be confusing. You want to look stylish, but also remain in alignment with who you truly are, right? You see items in stores that seem to be *the* fashion … Continue reading

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How to Dress for the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

The New Holiday Outfit You Already Own You’ve been invited to a holiday gathering at the home of an old friend.  She’s included an intimate group of friends and has said the dress code is “festive.” “What the heck does … Continue reading

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How to tell if your outfit works

  Your Mirror is Deceiving You. Why your bedroom mirror won’t tell if your outfit works. What’s the first thing you do in a store’s fitting room when you’re trying on clothes?  You look in the mirror, of course.  That’s … Continue reading

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Over 50 Style: How to Dress a No-Waist Body

How to Dress When Your Waistline Leaves Without You Okay, let’s face it: shift happens. And it doesn’t always happen where you might plan, given a choice, when it comes to body matter. If you face the mirror one day … Continue reading

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The Wardrobe Simplifier

5 Essential Pieces for Every Woman's Closet

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