Clearing Closet Clutter

Feeling Stuck?  It Might be Your Closet’s Fault

Clearing Closet Clutter

A more flattering and purposeful wardrobe can be yours, and the path to it begins with clearing the clutter from your closet.

Think about it, your bedroom closet is a space you visit each morning. It’s one of the first visuals you get on a daily basis, whether it’s one you love, or one that you loathe. Facing a jammed, cluttered mess is a disheartening way to set the tone for your day ahead.

Are there piles of unmended or waiting-to-be ironed clothing items, reminding you of unfinished to-do lists? Clothing that’s too snug, telling you that you’re not “good enough”?  Shoes or bags long past their prime? It’s tough to give yourself permission to buy new pieces when you’re facing mountains of old stuff with no room to spare.

If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet.
Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.
~ Cheryl Richardson

Ask yourself if any of these apply to you:

  • Clinging to the past.  You think if you hold on to that size 8 skirt, you  may eventually lose the weight to fit into it again.  Think instead about how looking at the skirt (or any other does-not-fit item) makes you feel.  Unattractive that you’re no longer that size?  Guilty for not beginning the fitness plan you’ve been talking about?  If the feelings are not self affirming, release yourself of the negativity, and the skirt.
  • Avoiding the task.  You’re just not getting around to the pile of missing buttons and torn hems.  You mean to, but life just keeps getting in the way.  Truly, spending the day getting through that stack is not a priority when compared to spending that time with your loved ones.  Consider breaking the task down into small sessions.  Set aside a 20-minute window on a weekend morning to knock a few items off the list.  (Some clothing care tips to help your process, here.)  The satisfaction of making progress can ease the perceived overwhelm of what you’ve imagined lies ahead.   While you’re at it, move the rest of the pile to another area of your home where you’re not looking at it first thing every day.
  • Feeling ungrateful.  If you were gifted with a chartreuse-colored sweater five years ago, and you’re a teal-green kind of gal, give yourself the gift of permission to wear only what makes you feel beautiful/happy/energized/joyful/(insert your own word here).  You can appreciate a gift without keeping it.  Release the sweater to make space for something you’ll love (and say “thank you” as you do!).  A local women’s shelter or other organization that supports women in transition is a great place to give your unworn or gently-worn items a new home.
  • Procrastinating.  Are you delaying organizing your closet until you’re confident you’ll have the bandwidth do it “perfectly”?  Procrastination is often a sign of self doubt or feelings of inadequacy.  The very best remedy is to dive in and Clearing Closet Clutterexperience the exhilaration of productivity and the resulting positive effects of a well-organized closet.  You’ll be excited to enter it in the morning and admire your work well done!  All that tidiness and order frees up mental energy for good things to come.

A wardrobe that truly supports you includes only items you love and feel attractive in.  Aspire to a morning ritual of getting dressed surrounded by beauty, and move through your day feeling confident and energized.


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