Dressing for Holidays at Home

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Forget #WFH Style. It’s time to CELEBRATE from Home.

Do you have your holiday outfit planned and ready?

I get it. You’re not going anywhere.

But what you wear impacts how you feel. It can be worth dressing up to draw from the benefit of mindset.  Allow your clothes to put you in the spirit of the season!  While many things are different this year, and some traditional practices are off the table completely, one act that can keep the festive spirit alive is dressing for the occasion.

What’s your holiday style — High glam?  Soft & cozy?  Romantic charm?

dressing for holidays at home: bling

Bling earrings: J. Crew

Whatever your leaning, bring some of that flavor into your at-home holiday outfits.  It doesn’t need to be a complicated look.  Even a simple sparkly accessory can remind you that it’s not a business-as-usual day at home.

My own at-home holiday style

Personally, I tend toward a plush boho look. The soft and sheeny texture of a velvet wrap or jacket along with an easy-moving skirt and glittery bangles makes me feel fun and festive.

An underpinning of an easy-care, washable tank is great when I’m the guest at someone’s home.  I can take the jacket off to help with kitchen cleanup without worry of damage to the delicate velvet.

This year, that velvet will be the lush sheen in a Zoom window, and the easy-flowing skirt will provide comfort lounging on my own sofa.

Velvet is not part of my regular WFH style.  Instead, it conjures memories of holidays as a little girl in my red velvet Christmas dress (“No thanks” to the pilgrim collar, though) – so it reminds me of the specialness of the season.

Added bling for the camera

The grown-up girl in me is wearing block-heeled, olive-green velvet shoes purchased earlier this season.  They’ll serve me for years to come, and for now, make my holiday outfit even more home-appropriate.  (Out of my home, I’d wear boots with this outfit.). A little holiday splurge on something you know you’ll get mileage from both now, as well as when out and about once again, can go a long way in helping you feel dressed for the occasion this holiday.

‘Got a high-glam party on the books?  My at-home outfit didn’t satisfy for a virtual “Sparkle Party” I attended with fellow image consultants, so the alternate was a sequin scarf worn with the same velvet jacket.  Extra bling. Same comfort.

dressing for holidays at home: velour joggers

Cupcakes & Cashmere joggers: Nordstrom

Expecting a more “loungey” kind of holiday?  Velour is back and perfect for cozy at-home festivities.


dressing for holidays at home: traditional color

CeCe blouse: Bloomingdales

Perhaps romance and ruffles are your thing.  Incorporate some traditional holiday color to put you in the festive mood.





What will you be wearing to make your season merry?  Share your own pic on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/refinedimages.  You may inspire someone else’s holiday style!


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