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Dog Days of August – What to Buy Right Now

The phrase “dog days of summer”  generally makes us think of steamy-hot, lazy days.  There probably was a time when August was reserved for the final stretch of summer — enjoying the last days of free-style schedules and beach or backyard gatherings before the school bell made it’s first ring of the season.  Now?  For many, it’s a frantic race to buy school supplies, clothes, and dorm essentials.  What on earth happened to the “lazy”?

Maybe you’re fortunate to be enjoying one last vacation “hoorah” before fall.  If you’re on the beach or at the pool, save this post for later.  If you’re ready to shift your summer outfits into gear for cooler nights (and days ahead), here’s your best ticket for right-now shoppingThe Jacket.

The jacket in its many forms:  jean jacket; cropped jacket; motorcycle (“moto”) jacket,… you pick!  Here’s how they work right now…

Wearing a maxi dress at end of summer.

Lane Bryant maxi.

Jean Jacket.  Top your favorite summer maxi dress with a jean jacket, sleeves rolled up, for a casual, almost-fall look.  When the dress colors are deeper, like the one at left, the combination goes well into fall.  (Swapping out sandals for a ballet slipper, or other closed-toe style, makes it cool-weather suitable.)

End of Summer Style - Anna Singleton

Anna Singleton’s patterned jacket. (Source: FlynetPictures.com)

Patterned Jacket.  A jacket print mixing light and dark color values suits the in-between-season time perfectly. Over a tank and jeans, or over a cocktail dress on Girls Night Out, it gives lightweight coverage when the final days of summer spring a little bit of chill on you.

Cropped Jacket.  The versatile cropped jacket in a moto style like this one (J. Crew Factory) serves equally well over a red sheath dress to work, or a brightly-colored capri and floral blouse to dinner.  Your accessories (a little bling in your jewelry and a heeled pump) dress it up when you want it a little more formal.

End of summer style - transition jacket

J. Crew Factory cropped jacket.


Leather Moto Jacket. 

Though you’ll see photos of celebrities donning leather jackets mid-summer (maybe they’re only removed from an a/c environment for a 5-minutes sprint to Starbucks), you might find it less than practical on an 85-degree day in your own life.  But as the temp’s dip, it’s the perfect transitional piece to make your summer dresses seasonally correct.  Wear your own version of biker chic over a strapless maxi, an eyelet sundress, or combine with a ribbed tank and chiffon skirt for a take on the tender/tough  look.


(Read this blog post for hot-weather wear-to-work tips.)

Have a comment?  Question?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.  I read them all.  (You just might be the inspiration for my next blog post.)


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