Fall Transitional Dressing

How to Transition to Fall Gracefully

A little over a week ago, I took an early-September dip in the pool on a near 90°F day. Later that week, my husband fired up the furnace for a different kind of dip (overnight temp’s in the 40’s). If the weather’s as eccentric in your neighborhood this time of year, you might be reluctant to commit to your fall wardrobe just yet. After all, you might be wearing those cold-weather styles for several months.

Fall Transition Dressing - jumper

Consider a summer sheath worn as an early-fall jumper. (Image source: Popsugar.com)

In my own wardrobe world, which resides in Michigan, I get plenty of time to wear my cold-weather clothing. I’m quite weary of those pieces come March, so I don’t begin wearing them earlier than necessary.

A savvy way to shift gently into autumn dressing is by incorporating one. piece. at. a. time. Meaning: carry some of your summer pieces into fall outfits. “Transition” seasons like this (the other one comes between winter and spring) offer opportunity to get creative with outfit combinations you won’t wear any other time during the year.

Consider the v-neck sheath dress you wore to work this summer. Layer a menswear-style shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt beneath to convert to fall. (The more luxurious the fabric, the dressier. Think: “silky.”)

Fall Transition pieces.

A whispy-weight skirt in warm color tones transitions well from summer to fall. Seasonal accessories make it timely.

Ways to make transitions work right now:

  • Keep colors autumn-ish. Choose those from your own wardrobe’s color palette that are a bit deeper than the rest.
  • Opt for light to medium-weight fabrics. Save the heavy-weights for true cold-weather times. Combining lightweights and medium weights in an outfit matches the “in-between” quality of the season.
  • Make sure footwear is weather-appropriate. A suede shoe or smooth-leather boot replaces a sandal for fall-worthiness.
  • Accessories complete the package. Lightweight and airy works well with light, summer fabrics. As you add bulk with clothing, choose jewelry and other accessories with more substance.

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