High-Low Hems — Who & What They’re For

high-low hem fashion trend

Fashion Week September 2011 - Photo: Jeffrey Clark Grossman_ WENN.com

The high-low trend isn’t brand new this season, but it’s HOTTER than ever before.  High-low hem dresses, tops, vests,… they’re on the racks of every fashion boutique.

Should you buy?  That depends.  (Never a simple “yes” or “no” answer, right?)  Here are tips to help you decide.


high-low hem fashion trend

http://www.micdresses.com - Item #00000239

Your Legs are Short

Do choose a style with a short skirt and long overlayer.  The vertical panels of the over skirt visually “lengthen” your legs.

Tip:  Avoid a skirt hem that lands mid-point on your leg.  The result:  a limb visually split in half appears shorter.


You Have a Keen Eye

high-low hem fashion trend


high-low hem fashion trend

www.Nordstrom.com - Dress, Eliza J

Do pay attention to your mirror image if you’re into details.  A less-expensive method of making a dress lets us see the fabric’s print — from the inside.

Tip: To avoid an unfinished look, make sure the dress is lined or in a sheer fabric.




high-low hem fashion trend

www.UStrendy.com - Top by Agnes Nora Szimo

You’re Long and Lean

Do belt your high-low top in a contrasting color for dramatic effect.

Tip:  If you don’t have a visible waistline, wear light and dark colors in your top and pant, but pass on the belt.



You Have a Tummy

high-low hem fashion trend



Do select high-low hemmed dresses with an empire (high) waistline for definition. (A deep v-neck keeps eyes away from tummy, too.)

Tip: The fullness of a shapeless high-low top can appear like a maternity top.  If that’s not what you’re going for, stick with something more shapely.

high-low hem fashion trend








high-low hem fashion trend



You Color Outside the Lines

Do watch where colors lead.  A strip of contrasting color (like the bright pink band on the top below), draws a distinct line on your garment.

Tip: Make sure colors frame the zone you want to feature — usually one you like.



Your Legs are Full

Do pick your hemline to land at the most attractive point on your leg.  If it’s narrow just below the knee, there’s your point.

high-low hem fashion trend




Tip:  Before you shop, try on your own dresses at home.  Identify the hem length you feel best in.  That’s what you look for in your high-low dress.


To what lengths will you go?




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