How to Know if Your Necklace is Right

Does this Necklace Look “Off” to You?

My once-client and now dear friend, Diane, reached out to me recently with a style question.

“Does this look okay?” 

She was getting ready for an evening out with her husband and some friends, but was questioning her new necklace.  She liked it, but for some reason, it didn’t seem to be working.

The answer  to her question was “yes.” It looked O-k.  BUT, it could look better.  (We’d all rather look better than “okay,” right?)

As you can see, it’s a really great necklace…. a lotta chain action goin’ on with this number, and it’s got the potential to be a “wow” piece in Diane’s jewelry collection.  Yet, it could be better.

The important tweak
When it comes to necklaces, length can be the difference-making element that gives your own outfits a look of completion — or even impact, when that’s desired.  The distinction between a necklace that’s “good enough,” and one that creates a winning look, boils down to how it relates to you, its wearer.

Proportion is key to a balanced, harmonious look, and when you get this right, you show up in the world making a statement that has “savvy style” written all over it.  It can be a very subtle and almost imperceptible adjustment to make, yet the result is truly powerful.

In Diane’s case, the length of the necklace itself was great.  The vertical space of the featured chains related to the length of her face beautifully.  That wasn’t clear, though, since a significant gap  of hollow space existed between the base of her turtle neck top and the top edge of the necklace’s focal area.  The result is that we see a lot of black before we get to the chains, throwing off the balance between Diane’s face and the necklace.

After we chatted, Diane made a simple adjustment to the necklace’s position, and voila!
It was an easy fix, and allowed her to make a style statement with finesse (and erase any doubt around her solid accessory purchase).

Do this at home.
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Diane’s Before and After
It’s useful to note that Diane could wear her necklace at the original position to fabulous effect if she were wearing a button-front blouse with the top button or two open. Depending on the neckline, modifications in length will make the necklace more (or less) flattering.

Here’s the side-by-side, truth-is-in-the-pudding comparison:






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