How to Purge Your Closet

Is Your Closet a Scare Zone?

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If opening your closet doors is a risky proposition, it may be time to face your demons.

Haunted by clothes you haven’t worn since 1997?  Guilted by pants that no longer fit?  Taunted by outfits belonging to a lifestyle you no longer live, or that still hang, brand new with their tags still attached?

A closet brimming with unworn clothing can leave you feeling wasteful and remorseful about unused purchases.  Your mind can become agitated when looking at a cluttered space day after day.  And it’s hard to acquire new items that make you feel attractive and joyful when you’re staring at a closet with “too many clothes.”

The adage of a “closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear” is a very real scenario when one’s wardrobe is filled with unsuitable and inappropriate options.

Time to Purge.

Ask yourself these questions to begin ridding your wardrobe of inhospitable garment goblins:

  1. Does it fit properly?  When clothing hangs, baggy and slack on a post-weight loss body, it’s likely time to retire it.  Yes, clothes can be altered, but if something’s beyond a full size too large, it won’t fit in a flattering way without costly re-design work. Is it too small, awaiting your weight-loss results in order to be placed into wearing rotation?  If it’s been waiting 5 years for that someday, give yourself a break and dismiss those items.  (If you’re actually on a weight-loss plan, package up the too-tight pieces in a box, mark it with the garment size, and transfer it from your closet space into other storage until you reach that size. You don’t need more than one or two items in your everyday closet to inspire and assess your progress.)
  2. Is the style outdated?  If you don’t see anything resembling the style when youHow to purge your closet - dump it look at current fashion articles or clothing advertisements, it may be time to put it to rest.  (Examples:  football player-sized shoulder pads in dresses or tops; narrow-ankle pants that are full in the seat/thigh; color-matched suits — unless you work in a traditional field like finance or law.)
  3. Do you earn compliments? Some garments have never suited you.  They were on sale, or given as a gift that you then kept because someone paid good money for the item.  The thing is, if you’ve never gotten positive feedback or felt good wearing the item, it holds no positive value beyond protection from the elements.
  4. Does the color flatter. If the garment’s color has you looking like death-warmed-over, chances are you’ll not feel confident or attractive when wearing it.  Find out which colors allow you to look your most healthy, vibrant self, and wear those.  Pitch the pieces that don’t uplift your appearance.
  5. Worn around the edges? If an item is missing buttons, they can be replaced.  Some conditions can be repaired, but if the hem is tattered, or the fabric thread-bare, there’s little hope for those pieces to reflect positively upon your personal image.  Dump those.

You deserve to look and feel your best in the clothes you wear.  You deserve to open your closet door and be greeted by only the clothes that do that for you.  Ghastly clothes be gone!

Want to learn more about the clothes that flatter you and your body?  Check out the Figure Friendly Style Formula.

Patty Buccellato is an image coach and founder of Refined Images. She brings extensive knowledge and expertise to her work with men and women individually, as well as with corporate employee groups.

Patty established Refined Images in 1994, and while her studio is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, you’ll find her serving clients throughout North America in their homes, offices — and, yes, even in shopping malls! To get your FREE copy of Patty’s “How to Shop Like a Stylist,” visit or contact Patty.

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