Pencil Sharp – 5 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt This Season

A pencil skirt hasn’t been this hot since the “Mad Men” era was present tense.  Joan Harris makes a strong, provocative case for its classic interpretation, but your options this season are far from basic.  Re-mix, recreate, and reinvent — the options are all yours!

Get Graphic.  Graphic prints have gotten quite interesting this season.  Combining conventionally “disjointed” colors in a print allows a whole new level of creativity in selecting your tops in solid or  complementary prints.  Just be sure the print doesn’t visually “point” at any body area you’d rather not emphasize.

Try it Long. A mid-calf length begs a heel – flats won’t cut it.  The lower-body sleekness of a long pencil skirt amplifies the curves of an hourglass figure.  If you don’t have the shape to support it, go for just-below knee.

Tip:  To maintain flattering proportion when wearing mid-calf, keep your top or jacket at waist-length.

School-girl Plaid. It has a certain nostalgia quality for many women.  Innocent.  Fresh Start.  Classic.  Like the graphic print skirt, your top options vary — pick up one color in the plaid for a blouse, top it with a cardigan in yet another hue from the print.

Tip:  Check that the scale of the plaid is in proportion for your body size.  This one works well on a petite frame.  Larger body?  Increase the dimension of the plaid pattern.

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Lay it On. For your next Girls Night Out or weekend sassy, layer your pencil skirt over comfy leggings.  (Caution:  this is not a career look unless a highly-creative work environment allows you greater liberties than most.)

Tip:  Keep the fabrics light-medium weight to avoid adding bulk.  A heel keeps this edgy with the contrast of legging-casual.

Mixed Media. Color-blocking was fun, but now we’re mixing fabrics.  Leather, prints, solids, textures — all combined into one neat little package.  Fabric blocking is where fashion meets art.   These can go to work at the office if you choose a mix on the more subtle end of the creative continuum.  Just as with the graphic prints, watch where the design takes you.

This season’s pencils are anything but average.  Choose your mood and the right skirt awaits.

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