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How to Find Clothes that Fit

Why Does Nothing Fit Me Right? “What the heck is wrong with my body?  I can try on 15 things when I’m shopping, and maybe two will fit me.” Could these words have come out of your mouth? I’ve heard … Continue reading

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The Better Business Bag

Note: This one’s from the Archives, but since this common question has arisen from a client yet again this week, it bears repeating. What’s your bag say about you? Women’s bags have long been a source of awe; what do … Continue reading

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Do You Resolve?

It’s that time of year again — when we pledge to do any number of things, often appearance related, differently than we did over the last 12 months. If you’re among the nearly half of Americans who make New Year’s … Continue reading

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When a “Bargain” isn’t a Bargain.

The clothes you put on your body each day have potential to make you feel good — even to infuse your day with an extra bit of energy.  Maybe a garment’s psychological color value speaks to you.  Perhaps the fit … Continue reading

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It’s Scary Out There — Protect Your Wardrobe

5 Tips to Keep Wardrobe Zombies at Bay Ghosts, and Goblins, and Zombies — Oh, my!  They’re out there lurking in the shadows; waiting for the unsuspecting casual shopper on which to launch their menacing attack.  But they’re not holding … Continue reading

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Back to School!

That first day back to school,… the anticipation, excitement, trepidation, all mixed together.   Today, my Facebook news feed is graced with countless first-day photos posted by proud (and relieved) parents.  The day creates memories and photo opportunities to be recounted … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Investment – 6 Quick Tips

Flattering color?  Check.  Figure-complimenting shape?  Check.  Mix-and-match worthiness?  Check.  You’ve made some great wardrobe investments — congratulations!  Now, how will you assure that they last their available lifespan? It’s not just about collecting garments, it’s about converting them into outfits … Continue reading

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Fresh Beginnings (for a Dragon of a Year!)

5 Ways to Perform Your Own Makeover As an image coach, January is commonly a month where I see an increase in requests for makeover services.  There’s something about turning a calendar page to a fresh January that inspires “New … Continue reading

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It’s Party Time!

It’s only just begun,… holiday party season, that is!  The next two weeks hold countless engagements for celebrating and merry-making.  What are you going to wear? There are more than enough stress-inducing to-do’s during the holiday season.  Choosing your party … Continue reading

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Time to Bury It? (Purging Your Closet of “Dead Weight”)

Is your wardrobe supporting your personal appearance goals, or “scaring” opportunities away?  If you haven’t asked this question in a while, it’s likely that your closet harbors garment goblins ready for final resting in the Clothing Cemetery. Doesn’t fit?  Bought … Continue reading

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The Wardrobe Simplifier

5 Essential Pieces for Every Woman's Closet

The Wardrobe Simplifier eBook Get my FREE eBook plus tips by email to look your non-stop best! Build the foundation to your perfect wardrobe with these can't-lose staples including:

  • The one, must-have item that triples as belt, dress, and swim cover (plus, more!)
  • The all-purpose top that suits every body shape with style and grace
  • The universally-flattering skirt that comfortably flows over curvy bodies, yet magically lends balanced fullness to straight figures

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