Thanksgiving Fashion — How to Dress in Style and Comfort

Thanksgiving and fashion.  Feels like an oxymoron, right?  Let’s face it, the holiday’s tradition — at its very core — is about eating.  A full table, celebrating the fall harvest’s abundance, is the leading feature.  The result, naturally, is a full tummy.  It’s inevitable, yet no reason to look less than fabulous.  It’s just one day, so go ahead and indulge with a clear conscience and a rockin’ style, because you can!

No matter who or where, there’s an outfit to meet the occasion and boost your style and comfort.  Follow this guide to find the turkey-day fashion that has your name on it.

Ann Taylor Flounce Dress

Meeting the Family. Great first impressions can be comfortable.  We have no control over the conversation, or if Uncle Henry over-imbibes and ends the evening with a turkey carcass on his head, but the outfit, now that’s another story!

Make a statement that’s tasteful, yet feminine; conservative, without being bashful (how can you be shy in red?)  This is your perfect first-impression dress.  The fit-and-flare eases over your mid-section so you won’t think twice about a dollop of whipped cream to top your pumpkin pie.



Michael Kors at Nordstrom

Holiday with Friends. An easy potluck followed by a club stroll calls for stepped-up Thanksgiving fashion.   Consider a bit of glitz to kick off the holiday season, but still allow for culinary indulgence.

This dress eases through the tummy zone without compromising style.  The look is simple, but the statement is clear.  And accessories are no worry when you’ve got a built-in necklace and an all-over metallic fabric.

Gucci at Saks Fifth Avenue


Dinner for Eight. The cooking’s been offloaded and cocktails are served to order — you’re eating out! Without concern of even carrying a plate to the kitchen, you can opt for elegance and luxe.

Loose fit and a fabric that moves when your body does, give you every right to a a second helping.  Not your mother’s “jogging” outfit, a number like this one’s party-friendly, but still shows up easy and comfortable.

Chico's Black Label Cardigan

Look Who’s Cookin’! You’re the hostess, but that doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice style.  Look for spill-tolerant dark colors and machine-washable fabrics.

A cardigan is good camouflage for a full tummy, should you have the chance to actually eat any of the yummy creations you serve.

Whatever your holiday setting,  style and comfort can share the stage.  A little advance planning, and you can have it all!

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