Work From Home Style and Feeling Attractive

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall….”

blue frame mirror

Aren’t you deserving after all?

After all that 2020 has delivered, you are deserving of feeling gorgeous…. of looking your best self….  of liking what you see looking back at you from that mirror.  Despite the challenges that have made up the last eight months, you still get to do that.

It can take energy to move through an ever-changing realm of every-day existence.  We’ve all been asked to step up to a higher level of adaptability and resilience this year.  It stands to reason that there’ve been times, for many, that wardrobe didn’t make it to the list, much less take a place at the top of it.

WFH style - sweater blazer

A sweater-blazer keeps a work look tidy without being overly-formal. Thijs one from Anthropologie.

Yet, over time, an overlooked appearance takes a toll.

Hoodies and pj’s were the first and most-manageable clothing choices eight months ago.  An ongoing everyday wardrobe of loungewear (including joggers and hoodies) has its price, though.  A glance in the mirror at a sweatsuit-clad woman day after day takes a gradual chipping away at her sense of attractiveness.

It’s about more than looking professional or “appropriate” for what you do in your life.  It’s about how you feel in the clothes you wear.  For professionals working from home, uber- casual attire has potential to undermine one’s success mindset.

In particular, working professionals can find their mental capacities impacted by what’s called “enclothed cognition.”  In essence, there’s science linking the clothes we wear and brain activity (and thus, productivity).  Now, with Zoom work meetings, your daily attire choices are literally in your face like never before, assuming you weren’t sitting in front of a mirror 5 hours out of your work day before the pandemic.

WFH Style - pant

Jogger tradeoff: Fashion look in a comfort pant. (Skyline II pant from Athleta)

A factor that affects us all, whether working while home or not, is the psychological impact of our personal attractiveness.

WFH Style - flowy dress

Flowy-dress comfort: Don’t overlook your favorite dresses for at-home style. (Natalya dress from Peruvian Connection)

Surely you’ve heard the adage, “when you look better; you feel better.”  Turns out, there’s a study proving that as truth.  A study by Karen Pine, a Professor of the psychology of fashion, found that women are ten times more likely (62%) to don a favorite dress when happy than when depressed (6%).  More than half of women who were asked what they wear when depressed replied, “jeans.”

When feeling blue, it just might be to your benefit to choose clothes that you associate with “happy.”  Pine defines “happy” clothes as those that make women feel good:  they’re well-cut, figure enhancing, and made from bright and beautiful fabrics.

WFH Style - Everlane pant

A tailored look for work with the ease of sweatpants. (Dream pant and jacket from Everlane)

If you believe that makes a good-enough case for upping your attire game, consider stowing those hoodies and joggers away for your next basement clean-out event.

Choose a look for your day that makes you feel your most beautiful self when you look in the mirror.  You deserve it.

To learn about the clothes that flatter you and your body, check out the Figure Friendly Style Formula.

What are you wearing?  Still comfy in sweats?
Feeling the urge to get more dressed?  Share your own dressing choices.  I read all comments and would love to hear from you!



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