You Are What You Wear — 5 Boot Style Personalities

What’s Your Boot Type?

Think your boot style goes unnoticed?  An interesting study crossed my desk computer screen recently, proving a connection between what we wear on our feet, and our personalities. “Surprisingly minimal appearance cues lead perceivers to accurately judge others’ personality, status, or politics,” the study (Shoes as a Source of First Impressions) tells us.  

“You can get an amazing amount of information from a person in just a fraction of a second,” said Christian Crandall, lead author in the University of Kansas study. So it seemed appropriate to offer some clues to help you find the message you’re sending about yourself through your cold-weather footwear choices.

Identify your favorite boot style below for insight into your own Boot Type Personality.*

“Fur” Trimmed Laceup. If this is your boot style, you’re a practical gal, but you refuse to give up style for protection. You’re the boss of you now, and you see no reason why you can’t have it all. Enter: the best of both worlds. Sorel’s Joan of Arctic laceups are stylish enough for celebrities, but with the perks of keeping your feet warm, comfy and dry. Your inner tree-hugger does a happy dance over the recycled felt liner.

Sky-High Thigh Boot.  It’s new, it’s hot — the height of fashion has your name all over it. High style simply fits you well. You’ve never been one to follow the crowd, and besides, comfort is overrated. You’ve worked hard to earn your place in the world, and luxury feels sooooo good.




Classic Ugg. You love a good book snuggled by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa. You’re an agreeable person, but no fool. You go with the flow — If venturing out in the winter elements shows up in your day, you have no intention of doing so without taking your indoor comfort with you. In the cozy Ugg you feel like you’re still wearing your favorite snuggly slippers, and in down-to-earth tan, coordinating outfits is a snap.



Broken in. Your boot style is well worn.  You’re comfortable in your relationships, and don’t need to impress.  You could buy new shoes, but they just wouldn’t have that loved-in-lived-in, homey feel.  You’re an extrovert, a liberal thinker, and well-worn shoes suit your days like lemonade on a summer day.  Besides, you and your boots have history.



Anything in Color. You’re emotionally grounded and know your own mind. You love color where it counts — where your soles connect to Mother Earth — and you prefer to keep them there, by the way. Not the extrovert some mistake you to be, you’ll leave the jumping-out-of-airplane adventures to your globetrotting college roommate. You’re happiest in deep conversation around a table of good food, shared with dear friends.

“Sometimes fancy, sometimes functional, shoes are the ‘sole’ of an outfit,” said Crandall.  Whatever your style, ROCK those soles and let your personality shine!

Not sure if you should spend on that new boot you’ve had your eyes on, read more here.

* Boot style personality types loosely based on University of Kansas study, and presented for entertainment purposes only. No stereotypes are asserted (or believed).

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